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Welcome to the Home of the Best FREE Water and Wastewater

Certification Training Manuals in the Country!


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Ragsdale and Associates have been providing the best Water and Wastewater technical training available in New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Nevada since 1994. With over 30 years of expertise in virtually all areas of water and wastewater systems operations and maintenance, we have developed a wide range of operator training programs.


Our training programs have received national recognition for presentation and content. We do not teach the answers to an exam. We will teach you how to operate and maintain a water or wastewater system safely and efficiently. In the process, you will learn the information you �Need-to-Know� to pass any state�s certification exam.


2014 training schedules for New Mexico and Arizona!



Joplin MO Tornado Recovery Effort


It�s been almost two years since that EF-5 tornado came through Joplin. Businesses that were lost are rebuilding and every new �Grand Opening� is a city-wide celebration. There are still thousands of homes that need to be built and many of them have been erected with the help of hundreds of volunteers. RebuildJoplin.org recently recorded the one millionth volunteer hour provided by heroes from across the country who are still coming to help the city rebuild.



Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

The recent destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy exceeds the damage in Joplin by orders of magnitude. The people in the communities on Staten Island and along the New Jersey shore are faced with the same devastation and are also overwhelmed by the enormity of the rebuilding tasks that lay ahead. Volunteer groups from Joplin have collected truckloads of donated goods while others have gone out to aid Hurricane Sandy victims. The Robin Hood Foundation is currently accepting donations for the Sandy relief effort and directing funds to the neighborhood relief groups that can quickly get it to the people that need it most.


Please Make A Donation


We offer all of our training materials as free downloads. We don�t ask for your personal information and you don�t have to give us your credit card number. In the last two years our site visitors have downloaded over 50 gigabytes of information (the equivalent of about 8000 manuals). If you feel that the information available here has helped you get through an exam, or just made you a better operator, we would ask that you consider becoming a hero by making a contribution to the Joplin tornado recovery or Hurricane Sandy relief effort. To donate click the �Joplin Tornado Recovery� button or the �Hurricane Sandy Relief� button on the left.

Are The Training Manuals Really Free?

We would love for you to attend our training classes. However, if you are a water or wastewater operator and are not able to make our classes, you still need the information contained in our training manuals. Our primary business is providing classroom instruction. We have decided to provide our material free of charge to those operators that are unable to attend our classes. Please feel free to download and print our books for your own use. We only ask that do not sell or alter them.

Practice Certification Exam Questions

We have had a number of requests for answers to the sample questions in our books. We don�t provide an answer sheet because they are included to help direct you to the information related to the certification exams. The answers can be found, usually verbatim, in the text.

If you would like to try some ABC practice test questions, we would like to direct you to the ABC website. They have prepared sample questions for each level of certification. Once you log in, the test question service is free. Click the �ABC Exam Questions� button on the left. We love free stuff.

In our "Training Info" pages you can find:

  • "Upcoming Training Events" in New Mexico and Arizona.

  • Water Systems Operators Manual

  • Wastewater Systems Operators Manual

  • New Mexico Water Sampling Technician Certification Study Guide

  • Technical O&M information on Water Wells, Pumps and Control Valves

Our �Water System Operators Manual� has been recently updated. It contains over 240 pages of text (60,000+words) and dozens of diagrams, color pictures, and new study questions. It includes comprehensive coverage of ABC �Need-To-Know� criteria for water systems treatment and distribution systems operator certification for Levels 1 through 4.

Our �Wastewater System Operators Manual� covers material for wastewater treatment systems and wastewater collection systems operator certification. It is also compliant with ABC "need to know" criteria. The study guide consists of over 180 pages of information with color pictures, diagrams, and new study questions covering the ABC certification issues for Levels 1 through 4.

The �New Mexico Water Sampling Certification Study Guide� covers water systems sampling procedures for microbiological and chemical monitoring and compliance sampling. It is based on NMDOH-SLD procedures but is also EPA compliant and, with the exception of the NMDOH-SLD sampling forms, should be usable in other states.